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Who Gives A Crap Toilet Paper- Where's the Loo? Limited Edition

Who Gives A Crap Toilet Paper- Where's the Loo? Limited Edition

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Rolls sold individually.

Each 100% bamboo roll is wrapped in an illustrated puzzle to ponder while you poo. From the Arctic to the Big Apple, we’ve hidden a new toilet (and so much more) on each wrapper.

We’re not so keen on cutting down trees just to make toilet paper, which is why these fancy rolls are made from 100% bamboo (just like our premium rolls). Fun fact – bamboo is not a tree, but a super fast growing grass, making it the perfect material for toilet paper. Every day, over 1 million trees are cut down to make traditional toilet paper. Eek! But don’t worry these eco-friendly rolls are helping to reduce deforestation one sheet at a time.

- 370 10 x 10 cm sheets per roll

- Comfy and strong 3-ply

- Biodegradable

- A-ok for septic tanks *but check with the tank manufacturer if you're not sure

- One hidden loo on each wrapper

The amazingly talented Owen Lindsay created each unique wrapper. We seriously couldn’t have brought this to life without him and he deserves a massive high five and maybe check out all the other great work he’s done:

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