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Eliza Eliza Turtle Collection Lavender Eye Pillow

Eliza Eliza Turtle Collection Lavender Eye Pillow

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An eye pillow made by Eliza Eliza based here in Cardiff. 

This unique organic cotton Eye Pillow is perfect to calm and relax your mind after a long day.

Six out of seven of our Earth’s turtles are endangered and only 1 of every 1000 turtles will reach adulthood. This Turtle Collection Clutch bag aims to help raise more awareness of how close to extinction these beautiful creatures, which have been around since T rex’s walked our planet, really are.

10% from each sale donated to the WWF which will help them to:

  • reduce illegal fishing

  • promote sustainable fishing practices

  • expand and create marine protected areas

  • help local communities conserve and manage their natural resources

  • help strengthen law enforcement to halt the illegal trade in turtles

Organic cotton lining turtle design by Angelique Buckton.

Contents: flaxseed and dried lavender

Directions for use: DO NOT HEAT UP, this has not been trailed and tested for use. Heat can cause bacterial build up.

For help with hay fever and headaches place in the freezer for 30 minutes and place over eyes. This cooling feeling helps clear congestion and relieve head pain.  

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