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Kate Dumbleton Loveknot Pearl Necklace

Kate Dumbleton Loveknot Pearl Necklace

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Based in Wales near Cardiff, Kate makes eclectic jewellery ranges in silver, gold, metal and semi precious gemstones. Inspiration comes from such sources as Celtic heritage and legends, nature, her family history, art movements and futuristic themes but with a contemporary, fashionable twist. Etched metal, cast components and unique stones feature in her work. She collaborates on collections for National Museum Wales and also teaches jewellery making classes.
KD jewellery is made with as much care for the environment as possible, of recycled silver and gold and ethically sourced gemstones. Treading softly on the planet is a lifestyle and business ethos.

The Love Knot Pearl Necklace is the latest design to join the Love Knot collection of super cute and romantic pieces inspired by Celtic symbolism and myths. Recycled sterling silver wire is hand formed into a heart shaped knot and finished with creamy and lustrous pearl drops.

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