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Yellow TSE

Hard Lines - Coffee Pods (x10)

Hard Lines - Coffee Pods (x10)

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We believe great coffee should be both delicious and accessible. here we have our Brazil - House Party in capsule form, ready to be enjoyed at the click of a button.

Sitting somewhere in between traditional espresso and filter, we have produced something that is sweet and well-rounded, with notes of milk chocolate & dried fruits.


For best results, we recommend a yield of 25-30g for a short coffee and 60-80g for a long coffee. We appreciate all tastes are different so find a recipe that works for you and get drinking!


These capsules are 100% compostable, so once brewed, place your used capsule into your food waste disposal, and place the box with your cardboard recycling. Please check with your local authority regarding their compost and recycling policy.

Capsules are made of biopolymers, they are produced in a climate-neutral manner and certified compostable according to the strict European EN13432 regulation.

10 Capsules Per Box



  • Country: Brazil

  • Farm: Fazenda do Salto

  • Region: Chapadas de Minas

  • Varietal: Yellow Bourbon

  • Elevation: 1080-1140 Masl

  • Process: Natural

*Nespresso is a registered trademark of Society Nestle S,A.

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