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Beebombs Native Wildflower Seedballs

Beebombs Native Wildflower Seedballs

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Handmade, native wildflower Beebombs

1000s of seeds from 18 native wildflower species, mixed with local protective clay and sifted, nurturing top soil. 1 pack provides coverage for roughly 21 sq ft / 2m² of wildflower meadow.

Beebombs are a mix of 50% annuals and 50% perennial species, providing natural and diverse habitat. Using seedballs protects the seeds from predators and provides a nurturing environment for the seeds to germinate from, making it easier for you to create the wildflower habitat Britain needs.

We use no plastic in our packaging or process and make your Beebombs in a sustainable way on a farm in Parley, Dorset.

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